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Reaching All Remaining Scattered Jewish Communities

God has put on our hearts the bold vision to reach ALL the remaining scattered Jewish communities around the world who have not yet heard the hope of Jesus the Messiah. Our goal is to accomplish this in the next decade.

Give Today to Reach All Tribes

Who are the "Lost Tribes of Israel"?

The "Lost Tribes of Israel" are Jewish communities who have maintained their Jewish identity over thousands of years despite living in remote places isolated from mainstream, worldwide Judaism. They are descendants of Jewish people who were scattered from the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah because of the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions in the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.E. Another conquest in 70 C.E., by the Romans, dispersed Jewish people again into the world at large.

Where Did They Go?

Members of the "Lost Tribes" were taken North, South, and East. Some who fled captivity went south into Egypt and Africa. Others followed trade routes eastward into the Orient, settling in what is present-day China and India. Migrations continued over the millennia, many of which were spurred by fresh waves of anti-Semitic persecution, causing either flight or forced expulsions.

Today, Jewish people reside all over the world. The most well-known Jewish populations reside in Israel, the United States, Europe and Canada. However, millions of Jewish people also live in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the remote Pacific Islands — many of whom have yet to be recognized by the mainstream Jewish community, but have never forgotten who they are.

Where Are the "Lost Tribes of Israel" Now?

As these migratory Jewish people groups settled amidst foreign cultures who misunderstood their historical identity, persecution forced some of them to practice their faith in secret, generation after generation. Thus, they remained hidden from the world at large and were considered "lost" until relatively recently in world history. But their identity was never lost to themselves. Today, more and more of these Jewish communities are being discovered around the world.

Bible Prophecy and the "Lost Tribes of Israel"

As the "Lost Tribes of Israel" have come to light in recent decades, we see them fulfilling Bible prophecy by immigrating to Israel. They are "making aliyah," which means "to go up" to Israel, and returning to their ancient Jewish homeland.

Help Fulfill Bible Prophecy and Reach All Tribes

We've seen these Scriptures fulfilled firsthand.

We are also seeing a historical number of Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus - the Messiah promised in the Jewish Scriptures. Both the physical ingathering of Jewish people to the Land of Israel and their spiritual regathering to God through faith in the Messiah reveal that God is in the midst of fulfilling this prophecy.

Past & Present Lost Tribes Reached

Through various activities, including Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance, Medical Outreaches and other humanitarian Outreaches, Jewish Voice has reached Jewish people in Russia, former Soviet Union nations, Central and South America, India and places in Africa.

The Bnei Menashe

are descendants of the tribe of Manasseh residing in two states in northeastern India. Some believe they traveled the ancient Silk Route east to central Asia, settled in China, and eventually migrated south to India. Jewish Voice has served and shared the Gospel with the Bnei Menashe through emergency food relief and Medical Outreaches

Jewish communities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is home to the Beta Israel and Beta Abraham Jewish communities in central and northern Ethiopia. The Gefat in southern Ethiopia are called "Fuga" by the surrounding peoples. Fuga means "blower," revealing a history of shofar blowing, but it is now used as an insult to say, "We wish you would simply blow away." The Yibir, Yizak, and Geboya tribes reside in Somalia and eastern Ethiopia. Yibir means Hebrew. These groups of Jewish people, many of whom are believed to be from the Tribe of Dan, have lived in Ethiopia for centuries. However, even today, they are often called Falasha, a derogatory term meaning "outcast" or "stranger." Since 1999, Jewish Voice has served Jewish communities in Ethiopia, conducting Outreaches that provide medical, dental and eye care, clean water, and the Good News of the Messiah.

The Lemba

live in Zimbabwe and other southern African nations. Their oral history names them as sons of Aaron (Cohanim), suggesting they have ties to the Levites, and DNA evidence confirms a link to historically Jewish people groups. The Lemba's oral history explains that their ancestors returned to Jerusalem from the Babylonian captivity, but when Ezra and Nehemiah insisted they forsake their foreign wives and family, they could not. Instead, they migrated south, eventually settling in the southern regions of Africa. Jewish Voice has conducted Outreaches among the Lemba since 2012, meeting medical, food and clean water needs as well as sharing the Gospel and planting and strengthening well over 100 Messianic congregations.

Potential Future Scattered Jewish communities to Reach

There are so many more scattered Jewish communities all over the world whose people have not yet heard the Good News that their Messiah has come. It's critical that we reach them. Our ultimate goal is that all remaining scattered Jewish people groups on Earth have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel message.

Give Today to Reach All Tribes

How Will We Reach All of the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Here are the steps we will take - together with you - to reach the Jewish communities around the world who have not yet heard the Good News:

  1. 1
    Identify and form relationships with "Lost Tribes" communities around the world

    We will seek out unreached Jewish communities - in places like South Africa, India, Central Asia, the remote Pacific Islands and beyond.

  2. 2
    Determine the most critical needs in the communities

    Just as we have done in Jewish communities in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other countries, we will identify their physical needs - from clean water to medical care and more - and help meet these needs in the name of Jesus.

  3. 3
    Meet needs to transform lives and open the door to sharing the Gospel

    Together, we will be meeting the most vital physical needs of Jewish people to earn the right to introduce them to their Messiah Jesus - which is the most important work we do!

  4. 4
    Train local leaders and help establish Messianic congregations

    Each Outreach is in partnership with local leaders. While our initial Outreaches are being held, we look for respected Believers in the community that we can begin to train to plant local congregations and future Outreaches to reach the Jewish people.

  5. 5
    Empower indigenous Messianic Jewish communities

    The Outreaches make it possible to train and work with local Messianic Jewish leaders who will reach their own people and nations with the Good News.

Our ultimate goal:

All remaining scattered Jewish people groups on Earth have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel message.

The vision God has placed on us is enormous. And we can't do it without your help. Will you stand with us financially and in prayer to reach all of the remaining scattered Jewish communities on Earth for Jesus? Please pray and consider saying YES to the significant role you can play in reaching all tribes.

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