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Give to Help Jewish People Around the World Know Jesus is the Messiah

Your gift today provides physical help and spiritual care to Jewish people in urgent need.

As a Shalom Partner, you'll reach more Jewish people with the Good News

Shalom Partners give monthly to provide physical and spiritual care to Jewish people in urgent need and help more people hear the Good News of Jesus the Messiah!

The Difference Your Gift Will Make

You can change lives by providing humanitarian aid, clean water and food to meet their most pressing needs. And you can help Jewish people know the fullness of their Jewish identity through faith in Jesus.

When you give to Jewish Voice, you will...

Give clean water to Jewish people otherwise forced to drink from disease-ridden sources

Restore eyesight through vision and eye care

Provide life-changing medical procedures that save lives

Feed Jewish people enduring economic crisis or persecution that deny them income

Meet the needs of elderly Holocaust survivors living in poverty in Israel 

Share the eternal, life-transforming Gospel message of Messiah Jesus

Share the Gospel with Jewish People Around the World

Give today and make an eternal impact in the lives of God's Chosen People

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