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Jewish Objections to Jesus

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Yeshua came first to His own people, the Jews. He sought to bring Jewish People back to their Lord with His message of experiencing an intimate relationship with God.

Born and raised a Jew, He studied the Torah, went up for aliyah to the Bimah, and even taught in the synagogue.

His earthly ministry overwhelmingly embraced Jews. The first people He called to follow Him were Jewish. He spent the vast majority of His time with Jews. And just prior to dying on the executioner’s stake, Hebrew Scriptures passed His lips.

Many Jewish People hold great objections to Yeshua as Messiah. They may see Him as a knowledgeable teacher and a man who did good mitzvahs, but not the Messiah.

However, throughout the centuries, some Jewish People chose to believe in His Messiahship, and today, Jews are coming to faith in Yeshua in record numbers. In fact, more Jews came to believe in Yeshua in the 20th century than in the previous nineteen centuries combined!

We asked Dr. Michael Brown to share his insights regarding Jewish objections to Jesus. The information in the following pages is gleaned from his four-book series Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.

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