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Messianic Jews

What do Messianic Jews accept as Scripture?

Messianic Jews embrace the entire Hebrew Bible and the entire New Testament as fully Spirit-inspired Holy Writ.

Do Messianic Jews subscribe to keeping the laws of the Old Testament?

In keeping with their Jewish cultural backgrounds, many Messianic Jews continue to celebrate the biblical feasts and festivals and other parts of the Mosaic Covenant as they apply without a Temple standing in Jerusalem. There are also Jewish customs that developed over the course of time, as they do in every culture, that are extra-biblical yet practiced, e.g., the Bar-Mitzvah.

How many Jewish people believe in Yeshua today?

There may be as many as 250,000 Messianic Jews in the United States and Canada at the present time. Israel claims approximately 15,000 Jewish Believers in Yeshua today.

Do all Jewish believers in Jesus practice faith the same way?

As is the case in the broader Jewish community, there is a great amount of diversity on fidelity to Jewish life and practice among Jewish followers of Yeshua. There are some Jewish Believers who have strong convictions to preserve, maintain, and pass on to their children their Jewish identity and cultural distinctive. Others put less emphasis on their Jewish background.

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