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Jewish Voice Rejects Emboldened Extremist Groups and Stands Up to Anti-Semitism

November 01, 2022

A widespread increase in anti-Semitism in recent days is stirring organizations around the world, such as Jewish Voice Ministries International, to speak out once more condemning dehumanizing hate speech towards Jewish communities worldwide.  

Last week should have been a sacred time of remembrance of the October 27th, 2018, deadly assault on Jewish people in Pittsburgh, PA. On that fateful morning, a man stormed a Jewish synagogue during their Shabbat service, gunning down 11 worshippers and wounding many other innocent victims. 

However, the still-fresh wounds of Jewish Americans at this somber time for survivors were filled anew with salt by the hate-filled headlines dominating the news last week.  

This past year alone the Anti-Defamation League reports in their annual audit that Jewish Americans have endured a staggering 167% increase in violent assaults nationwide. ( 

Many are now calling on world leaders to aid in the immediate condemnation of hate-fueled rhetoric, vandalism, and violence toward Jewish people in our communities across the U.S. and worldwide.   

Jewish Voice urges all people to stand in support of the Jewish people in the USA, Israel, and worldwide, and speak out against anti-Semitism in all its forms. 

Jewish Voice Ministries works to bring humanitarian aid and the Gospel to Jewish communities living in remote places around the world. This work includes meeting the essential needs of Jewish people coping with poverty, persecution and crisis in Israel, Ukraine, Africa and elsewhere in the world. Jewish Voice also engages the Christian community with the call to support Israel and the Jewish people as God’s Chosen People whom He has not rejected or forsaken. 

Show Your Support for Israel

Please pledge your support to the Jewish communities around the world, and reject emboldened extremist groups, hate and Anti-Semitic hate speech in all its form by signing here.


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