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Prayer Points: What’s our most potent response to anti-Semitism?

March 13, 2024

Fitting prayers for such a time as this

In just over a week, Jewish people around the globe will celebrate Purim. It is a festive and joyful occasion with tasty treats, costumes and fun.

However, the origins of Purim, found in the book of Esther, and the current global rise in anti-Semitism and virulent hatred of Jewish people cast a sobering pall over the festivities.

Our best and most powerful response is prayer – and the willingness to become the answer to our own prayers.

Pray along with us through these Purim themes. Your prayers are needed for such a time as this.

Please pray for:

  • The Lord to raise up watchmen like Mordecai who can see clearly in the natural and also understand the earthly and spiritual significance of what is happening, and to act on behalf of God’s people
  • The Lord to expose, turn and cancel the enemy’s schemes to sow anti-Semitic hatred and even annihilate the Jewish people
  • The Lord to raise up Believers like Esther, who was prepared over time to fulfill the assignment to which she was called
  • Those of us Believers who will count the cost like Esther and come before the Lord, our King, in humble yet bold prayer, interceding on behalf of the Jewish people
  • Believers to raise our voices on behalf of the Jewish people in conversation with others
  • Salvation for the Jewish people through Yeshua (Jesus), their Messiah, who came to be their Savior and Deliverer

Let’s Pray

Lord, we live in times that we thought we’d never see. We’ve declared, “Never again,” and yet now we’re saying, “‘Never again’ is now.” Would You raise up leaders who will stand against the lies of the evil one, who will advocate and legislate on behalf of the Jewish people and their survival? Call prayer warriors and intercessors who will give You no rest, crying out to You on behalf of Your people. Please, Lord, stem the tide of hatred and violence against Your people. And like Paul, our deepest heart desire and prayer to You regarding the Jewish people is that they would be saved. Help us pray for and stand with Your people for such a time as this. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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