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Speaking Engagements

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Discover Exciting Aspects of Faith in Jesus

JVMI Speakers offer doctrinally sound, unique and insightful presentations expounded on Scripture from the Jewish context it was written in. We strengthen, encourage and inspire Believers by helping them discover the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus as revealed in God's Word and equipping them to share the Gospel with Jewish people.

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Our Speakers

Rabbi Jack

JVMI's Church Engagement Officer, Jack Zimmerman, is a former stand-up comedian with an engaging wit and dynamic speaking style. A Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Jack has a deep understanding of the Hebrew roots of the...

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Rabbi Jonathan

Jonathan Bernis is President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) and has been a leader in Messianic Jewish ministry for more than 30 years. He hosts JVMI's weekly syndicated television show. "Jewish Voice with...

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Rabbi Troy

Troy Wallace has served as Assistant Congregational Leader at Maryland's El Shaddai Congregation and as Director of Revive Israel North America. Revive Israel is an indigenous apostolic ministry based in Jerusalem led by...

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Upcoming Events
Title Dates
Morenci Assembly of God, Morenci, AZ: Rabbi Jack Jun 30 Learn More
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Belleville, MI: Rabbi Jack Jul 04 Learn More
Evangel Assembly of God, Cortez, CO: Rabbi Jack Jul 20 Learn More
The Lord is Peace Worship Center, Corpus Christi, TX: Rabbi Jack Jul 28 Learn More
Ruach Israel, Needham, MA: Rabbi Jack Nov 09 Learn More
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